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How To Fix A Leaking Gutter Joint?

At Holly’s Cleaning Services we know that you have to clean your gutter or fix a leaking joint, probably in every rainy season. The reason behind the short life span of the gutter is the challenging conditions that it has to bear. It has to handle the summer heat, harsh cold weather, storms, and rains. All these conditions can lead to damage to the gutter or gutter joint.

There are ways to improve the life of the gutter and to fix the leak joints.

Fix The Gutter joint By Cleaning The Seal

It is not always necessary that leaking gutter joints are caused by any damage to the joint. There is a possibility that some dirt and debris are stuck in the joint. This clogging can lead to the leakage of the joint. You have to clean the joint properly, and your gutter is good to go.

You have to remove the fitting. Take warm water and add any cleaning agent to it. Then place the fitting in that mixture. Now take a sponge and clean the fitting with it thoroughly. Would you please focus on the seals of the fitting and clean them properly?.

  • Wash the fitting properly to remove all the soap and dirt.
  • Dry the fitting properly with a clean cloth.
  • Fix the fitting back into the gutter.
  • Take a bucket full of water and flush the water into the drain to check whether the joint is functioning correctly or not.
  • When you are fixing the joint back to the fitting, make sure that both ends of the pipe to which you are joining the joint are properly clean.
  • Attach the joint and make sure that the joint is appropriately connected to the pipe of the gutter. If your gutter joint is still leaking, it is damaged from somewhere, and you have to change the union joint.

If your house has an old guttering system made of cast iron, then replacing the joint can be difficult to clean as the joint is attached with bolts that clog with debris. If you have an old gutter system, then getting help from a professional gutter repair person is the viable option. says CityLocal101. 

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Fix The Gutter Joint By Sealing It With A Sealant

If you notice that your gutter joint is damaged from somewhere and you do not want to replace it, sealing it is a good option. When people see any damage or gap in the joint, they fill the gap with silicone for their ease. 

But filling the hole with silicone is not a permanent or reasonable option. There are significantly fewer chances that the silicone will remain in place and hold the proper flow of water. Different gutter sealants would be perfect to use.

First of all,

  • Remove the gutter pipe connected to the joint on which you applied the silicone seal.
  • Clean the silicone seal properly from any dirt.
  • Clean the area around the seal.
  • Take a gutter sealant and apply it to the already existing gutter seal.
  • Place the joint gutter back in the pipe.
  • Take a bucket full of water and flush it through the drain to check whether the seal is appropriately done or not. 

Now your pipe is good to go, but this method is also temporary. The gutter pipes are known to contract and expand over time. When this process occurs, the seal is more likely to be removed.

For a permanent solution, you have to replace the gutter joint.

Fix The Gutter Joint By Replacing The Gutter Joint

It is a permanent solution for the leaking gutter joint. All your problems will be solved after replacing the joint. If your house has an advanced guttering system, you do not have to worry about anything as it can be changed with a simple process.

First of all, you have to:

  • Unclip the gutter pipe.
  • Unclip the joint from the pipe.
  • Clean both ends of the gutter pipe properly where the new union is going to be fixed.
  • Place the new union in the pipe.
  • Clip the union properly.
  • Spray the silicone lubricant on the sealing for long-lasting results.
  • Place the gutter pipe back into the place.
  • Take a bucket full of water and flush the water into the gutter to check whether the joint is adequately set or not. This procedure is only simple for an advanced guttering system.

How To Make The Gutters Last Longer?

Here are the ways.

  • Clean your gutters regularly after the rainy season and spring.
  • To prevent clogging, place the leaf guard in the gutter.
  • Check the gutters yearly. Check any cracks and damage to fix them on time rather than making them worse.
  • To check whether the downspout is functioning correctly or not, flush the bucket of water and check if all the water goes down or not. 

Send Old Gutters to Waste

When you have old gutters to trash, it all comes down to the material, comments waste professional Luke Hancock. If you have it made of metal, it’s best to look into options to recycle, but if wood, then it’s best to arrange sending it to landfill. 

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